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About Me

I'm jewelry-maker. It's hard to add something)

I'm 20 years old, live in Kiev, Ukraine.
I like to hold something warm and beautiful in my hands, love birds, violin and flute, trees and their branches. Love my cat:) There are many thing I love.

So all things I love live in my jewelry. Or even maybe I put all my love into my jewelry, something like that.
And it's hard to add something)

If you are intrested in selling or buying my works, in any collaborations or just want to say 'hi' feel free to contact me. I'm always glad to hear you)
Anyway, thank you a lot for your interest, it's very important for me and I really appreciate it.

Allways yours,


Blog (ru)
Deviant Art (eng)
Me on polymerclayfimo (ru)

And I don't have Etsy...yet.

My collab projects

A lot of my jewelry made in collab with great ukrainian artits Nana Demenkova. Check her site(ru) for more amazing artworks.
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